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Then send us your hearing test results by email or fax 1-800-409-5128 and in a couple of days your Prescriptive Fit HearPod® will be delivered right to your front door.

Fits: Small to Large Ear Canals
Best for: High Frequency Open Fitting InvisiPod 32-channel directional microphone with Open Fitting is the most discrete behind-the-ear hearing aid on the market. Its clear housing blends easily with all hair and skin colors, and fits snugly behind the ear.  
Fits: Small to Large Ear Canals
Best for: High Frequency Open Fitting MicroPod 32-channel digital hearing aids resolve the hearing challenges of almost every baby boomer with mild to even moderately-severe hearing loss.  
This small unique hearing device was designed to provide magnification for sound just like eye glass magnifiers magnify print.
hearing aid

A Personal Message from CEO


Dear Friend:

Have you seen them? They’re everywhere. Cell phones…iPhones…MP3 players. It seems like everyone is plugged into something ‘digital’ these days so they can listen to something they care about, from the latest Top 40 music release to an audio book from Dr. Phil or the latest stock quotes.

For Baby Boomers like me…and for the rest of the world, too…The Age of Aquarius has given way to The Age of Digital Sound Enhancement

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A technological revolution in hearing

Hi! My name is Randy Wohlers. I’m the founder of HearPod®®, Inc., and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this message. I hope that by the time you’re finished…you’ll want to thank me for introducing you to


A Superior Solution for Your Hearing Loss Problems

Has fear of the ‘stigma’ of wearing a hearing aid kept you locked in a world that is growing increasingly silent and empty. Stop! Please! There’s no shame in wearing a hearing aid these days. With so many people using hands-free audio devices, it’s hard to tell the iPods from the hearing aids. And that’s

Great News for People with Hearing Loss

There’s never been a better time to become a HearPod®® wearer. If you’ve been feeling a little unplugged, a little isolated and disconnected from the world due to mild or moderate hearing loss, it’s time for you to take action and do something that can literally transform your life.

The best part: It’s easy…it’s painless…it’s even risk-free!

HearPod®’s complete line of hearing aids are the revolutionary digital device that you can use to get exactly what you want: Better Living Through Better Hearing

The MicroPod is the smallest HearPod®® ever offered. Discrete, as well as comfortable, it fits completely into your ear canal to provide

Optimal Hearing in a Wide Range of Listening Environments

If you are very often in a wide variety of noisy and difficult listening environments, and like the idea of a discrete hearing enhancement device that will quickly and automatically adjust to your unique and constantly changing listening requirements, the MicroPod is right for you!

Just Imagine…

Imagine attending a concert and then, during intermission, moving to the very noisy lobby to enjoy conversation with close friends. Will you be able to hear in both environments?

Now imagine talking on a cell on a noisy city street corner! Will you be able to hear what your client is saying on the phone?

Finally, imagine that you’re in an unfamiliar restaurant with a large group. Will you be able to understand the waiter as he describes the daily special?

With HearPod®®, you can live your life to its fullest. You’ll be able to enjoy concerts, restaurants, movies, church services, and other social activities again.

You won’t miss a word, whether you’re sitting in a sold-out sports arena…or at an intimate cocktail table for two

The HearPod®® line of hearing aids are loaded to the max with the features you need to deliver all the audio enhancement you demand:

• Revolutionary 100% Digital Technology simulates the way your ear used to work so you can hear the way you used to hear

• Expansive 32-Channel Range adjusts based on environment and automatically optimizes so you can hear comfortably in any situation

• Comfortable ‘Open fit’ Design eliminates that trapped-in-a-barrel-underwater sound quality, so you can hear things as they really sound…naturally

• Adaptive Feedback Control eliminates the high-pitched whistling that makes ‘Brand X’ hearing devices annoying

• Adaptive noise control reduces background noise in noisy environments like restaurants, sporting arenas, etc. to make conversations crystal clear

You Won’t Believe Your Ears

The Science Behind the ‘Miracle’ of HearPod®s®

People call HearPod®® a ‘miracle’ and they are! They’re a scientific miracle. A labor of love, HearPod®® hearing aids are the successful culmination of over 30 years of solving the needs of hearing-impaired individuals. While the financial success they’re brought me has been gratifying, my real satisfaction comes when people tell me things like this:

“My ability to hear in different environments is much improved. I am very pleased with your products.”

Jeff Ford, California

HearPod®® aids are 100% digital, full-featured and have some of the most advanced noise- canceling and sound amplification computer chips available on Planet Earth. Our unique design also reduces sound feedback inside the ear, thereby making little HearPod®® hearing aids among the most comfortable to wear.

So small…but so powerful

Where does all that power come from? A tiny computer chip in your tiny HearPod®® hearing aid has the power to achieve

The #1 Thing You Want Your Hearing Aid To Do: Improve your ability to hear in all situations.

HearPod®® does that job brilliantly.

“Boosts my hearing and provides natural sound. Compared to my old aid, my HearPod®® allows ambient noise into my ear. My old aid changed my pitch recognition with my HearPod®s® I sing and sound natural. You guys did a good job. Thank you.”

Jason Conrad, Texas

Each HearPod®® digital hearing device is programmed to analyze and respond to audio signals in your environment, and to determine if the sound is noise or speech. The chip processes the information in a nano-second and then makes modifications to provide you with

A Clear, Amplified, Distortion-Free Signal

The digital processing in HearPod®® also allows for more flexibility in programming so that the sound it transmits matches your specific pattern of hearing loss.

In the old days, many people rejected hearing aids because they were cumbersome, ugly, and didn’t really work very well. But today, in the Digital Age, HearPod®® uses the ‘miracle of technology to deliver enhanced hearing unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

So Comfy, You Hardly Know They’re There.

Do you think Clark Gable and Vivien Lee would have worn the same size hearing devices? Of course not! One size does not fit all when it comes to ears, but for far too long, consumers had absolutely no choice and had to suffer with hearing aids…or suffer in silence without them.

Not anymore! That’s another problem solved thanks to HearPod®®. Every HearPod®® product comes with

3 different sizes and 2 different styles of ultra-comfortable silicone pillow tips

Guaranteed to fit anyone… from Shrek to Dumbo

Many of our satisfied customers feel these tips fit better than any custom-made mold.

“They fit great and went real well in a business meeting last night. Please pass on my thanks to all involved for such great customer service. “Tom Farley, North Carolina

You CAN Afford the Best

Digital technology is the most expensive approach to correcting hearing loss because it’s the best approach. Expensive, yes, but well worth the price, even though you can’t put a price on happiness, can you?

But I promise you that happy…ecstatic…delirious are just a few of the adjectives to describe how you’re likely to feel when you try HearPod®® and realize that

All the wonderful sounds you’ve been missing are yours to hear again.

But let’s be honest: not everyone can afford the best, right? Wrong! When it comes to HearPod®®, you can afford the best…and you deserve the best.

HearPod®® is so modestly priced, everyone can afford them. In fact, the HearPod®® Line of Hearing Aids….

Delivers 100% of the Benefits, But Costs up to 75% Less

How can we afford to price HearPod®s® so much less than other hearing aids out there? It’s because we have our own patented design and use our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. There aren’t a lot of middlemen in our business model, and that means fewer mark-ups at each step of our process, so we don’t have to ‘pass along’ the costs to you or any other customer.

Another way HearPod®® keeps a lid on costs is through our direct sales model. We sell directly to you via this website. There is no middle man, no distributor, no brick and mortar store overhead.

And again, we can pass the savings on to you. The end result: a superior product at a superior price.

• Improved programmability

You don’t have to worry about constant adjustments

• Greater Precision in Fitting

You don’t have to worry about slippage or comfort

• Management of Loudness Discomfort

Reduce those sudden, painful sound ‘bombs’

• Noise Reduction

You won’t be overwhelmed by background noises and extraneous sound.

• Control of Acoustic Feedback (Whistling)

The only ‘whistling’ you’ll hear is a happy tune coming out of your lips!

…but you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price because HearPod®’s 100% digital hearing aid technology delivers

A ‘top shelf’ hearing experience at rock-bottom prices

Hear Better and Live Better Fighting back against hearing loss is more than my business…it’s also my mission in life. I remember Woodstock, so you know that I’m no spring chicken myself!

I also remember how painful life can be when you can’t hear. When my own hearing started to deteriorate, so did my life. My personal relationships started to suffer. I was less enthusiastic about work. All of the bright colors and sounds of life were turning to gray.

Fortunately, I realized that while I couldn’t correct my hearing loss, I could definitely prevent the consequences. And when I started using a hearing device, my life took a complete 360!

Instead of moping around, avoiding situations where I had previously found myself having trouble hearing, I was turning into a party animal!

Well…not really. I’m not actually the party animal type. But I did become what some of my friends referred to as the ‘old Randy.’ I was outgoing, sociable, and ready for anything.

When people asked me what caused the change, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. “It’s my hearing aids,” I said proudly.

“Now that I can hear…I can live.”

I’m proud to say that my success story inspired a lot of my friends and family to get their hearing checked and to purchase their own hearing aids.

I hope it’s inspired you, too. News About Hearing Loss From the National Council on the Aging

Research shows that hearing loss can affect family life, friendships, school performance, job productivity, and emotional well being. So HearPod®® hearing aids improve your hearing, but (more importantly) they also

Improve your life.

How much of an impact does the ability to effortlessly ‘tune in’ to life have on a person? That will depend on you, of course. But, according to an eye-opening (and ear-opening!) study by the non-profit National Council on the Aging (NCOA), if you have hearing loss, but use an audio enhancement device, you’ll enjoy

• More money in your pocket – Hearing devices like HearPod®® hearing aids can help you increase your earning power…by up Millions of dollars over a life time…

• More fulfilling relationships – Hearing devices like HearPod®® hearing aids can help you connect with friends and family members who have missed being ‘heard’ by you…

• Enhanced emotional and mental stability – Hearing devices like HearPod®® hearing aids restore your confidence, making you feel self-assured and ready for anything…

• Reduced anger, anxiety, depression and paranoia – Hearing devices like HearPod®® hearing aids deliver audio clarity that banishes the worry, fear, and feelings of vulnerability that make the world seem like a cold, dangerous place…

That same study showed that impaired hearing results in diminished quality of life due to

• Distorted communication

• A sense of isolation

• A desire to withdraw into one’s self

• Reduced sensory input

• Severely reduced overall psychological health.

Don’t Be An Ostrich

Sadly, the majority of people are like ostriches when it comes to hearing loss.

Only 1 in 5 Americans who could benefit

from a hearing device actually wears one.

(Source: Hearing Loss Association of America)

What a tragedy. Eighty percent of people whose lives would be transformed by a simple, discrete hearing device don’t get the help they need. They stick their heads in the sand and ignore the life-limiting effects of their problem.

Please don’t be an ostrich! And don’t be afraid…

No Risk, All Reward – Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

After being bombarded by advertising your whole life – some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it out-and-out lies – you may be skeptical that HearPod®® will deliver all the benefits that I’ve promised. You know what? I like that. I’m a bit of a skeptic myself.

So I understand that you may be hesitating about plunking down your credit card for a product that may not live up to its claims. That’s why HearPod®® products come with our industry-leading

100% No-Hassle Refund Policy No Risk, All Reward

Order HearPod®® today. Try them for 45 days. Get used to them. Wear them at home. Wear them out. Get familiar with all they have to offer. If you conclude that HearPod®® does not allow you to hear with clarity in more situations than ever before, simply return it to us for a full refund (less return shipping).

If you wish, you may also apply your HearPod®® purchase price as a credit toward a different product.

All that we ask of you in return is your commitment to wear your new HearPod®® every day so you can quickly adjust to all the new sounds of life you will be experiencing!

If you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, there isn’t one. If you’re not happy with HearPod®®, I don’t want your money! I’m an honest business-person with a well-established company and a well-established reputation for integrity, not a fly-by-night scam artist.

So please, purchase with confidence. Your satisfaction…and your improved hearing…are what I care about.

But wait…let me make this REALLY irresistible for you. If you order your HearPod®s® in the next 72 hours, I’ll treat you to


We’ll begin processing your order immediately and ship out your HearPod®s® at our expense. And if you think that sounds good, wait until you put in your HearPod®s®! Everything will sound good: clearer, crisper, cleaner.

More Rewards to Reduce Risk – One-Year Warranty

When you purchase a HearPod®®, you become part of our customer family. And we’ll treat you like family…taking care of you to ensure that your HearPod®® hearing experience continues to be a pleasure.

One way we do that is with our exclusive one-year warranty that ensures your product will function flawlessly for 12 months. (An additional one-year warranty is available at the time of purchase. Click here for more details>>)

Our warranty ‘package’ also includes

A year’s supply of batteries (52)

A year’s supply of wax guards (6).

There you have it, my friend. All the ways HearPod®® can make your life better, and all the things you’ll be missing out if you decide to do what so many other people foolishly choose: to simply ‘live with’ their hearing loss.

I can encourage you to order now. I can make it easy for you to simply grab your credit card and click through to our secure order page. I can remove even a whisper of risk from the transaction and guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied or you’ll get a 100% refund.

I can do all those things for you, but I can’t do the most important thing of all. Only you can do that.

Only you can. We’ve done everything we know how to do to make sure that you and your HearPod®s® are going to change your life.

Enjoy a Lifetime of Good Hearing

Best wishes,

Randy Wohlers,

Founder of HearPod®®, Inc.

Toll free phone: 1-800-851-2414

Toll free fax: 1-800-409-5128

P.S. With MicroPod using HearPod®’s superior digital technology, you can have it all and hear it all…for 75% less than the cost of other hearing devices. Hearing Aid Prices

P.P.S. Now hear this! Although 95% of individuals with hearing loss could be successfully treated with hearing aids, only 22% currently use them. This is your chance to join that elite group of ‘smart’ listeners! (Source: The MarkeTrak Report, the largest national consumer survey on hearing loss in America.)

Explore ALL Your Options With HearPod®®

The definition of ‘comfortable hearing’ is highly individualized and extremely subjective. The MicroPod is just one member of the HearPod®® family of audio enhancement devices.

For example, all HearPod®s include all of the benefits listed above but instead of using our 32 channel chip technology that automatically adjusts for optimal hearing in changing sound environments, you are given a choice of a 4 channel chip that allows you to manually select from four pre-programmed sound modes to optimize hearing in conversation, during meetings or entertainment events, during musical events and on the telephone.

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