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Hearing aids can be life-changing for anyone with hearing loss. But if you are just beginning your search, then you probably have many hesitations and questions. One of the best ways to find answers for your hearing aid questions is to visit a hearing aid learning center or a good quality online hearing aid center to find the answers to your questions.

Choosing to get hearing devices can be a big decision for most people, no matter what their age. In fact, many people who suffer from hearing loss will deny their problems – simply to avoid getting help.

Like you, or your loved one, they are already struggling with very serious problems:

  • Inability to hear people when they speak
  • Feeling like the TV volume is never loud enough
  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • Frustration and embarrassment from hearing loss
  • Fear of the high costs of hearing aids
  • Confusion about which hearing devices to choose

Hearing Devices are the #1 solution for hearing loss, but you must be careful before you buy.

Because some brands can cost you thousands of dollars, there are many important issues to consider: cost, manufacturer, and the type of hearing aid, just to name a few.

Use the information on this page to make sure you choose the right hearing device for your needs.


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What to Look for in Hearing Aids

All hearing devices might seem similar to you. But beware: the differences can be vast. For example: just because they have a high price tag, or a brand name that’s advertised on TV, doesn’t mean they’re high quality!

Not only that, but most people need specific types that are right for their individual hearing loss. To avoid the risk of wasting thousands of dollars on hearing equipment that don’t work for you, here are some important things to consider.

How big are they?

Will they fit well? How noticeable are they when you wear them? You don’t want to get stuck with a hearing aid that’s big, clunky and obvious to everyone else. Worse yet, you don’t want it to cause discomfort either.

HearPod®, for example, offers several styles to choose from, including behind-the-ear and ultra-discreet hearing aids that go inside your ear canal. Plus, HearPod® uses an advanced fitting system used by 70% of hearing devices on the market to ensure that your hearing is always comfortable, no matter which style you choose.


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What’s the cost?

This is important, because prices can range up to $8,000 when you buy from a hearing center. You do NOT have to spend this much to get good results for your hearing loss!

Tip: Don’t fall for the hearing center trap. The centers charge more money because they have lots of overhead to pay (employees, stores, etc.). HearPod® offers good hearing, at prices up to 75% LESS because you’re buying direct from the manufacturer.

Is it personalized for your hearing prescription?

Your hearing aid should be personalized based on your doctor’s recommendations. With HearPod® just follow the simple directions and HearPod® is personalized for your prescription. Even though you may never need to use this feature, you can fine-tune your prescription yourself at any time, quickly and easily.


Analog vs. digital vs. “listening devices?”

For a long time, analog was the standard for hearing aids. But today, they offer very limited sound control and are much less effective than digital hearing devices.

Look for digital hearing devices that are 100% digital – not just “digitally programmed.” Also, watch out for the cheap $35 “listening devices” you see on TV. These might seem like a bargain, but they do not adhere to FDA standards and are NOT an effective solution for hearing loss.


Are they returnable?

What if your hearing aid doesn’t fit right? What if it’s uncomfortable or it doesn’t improve your hearing? Before you buy, make sure the product can be returned!

One of the best return policies in the industry is HearPod®’s 100% 45-day money back guarantee. If within 45 days of purchase, you’re not satisfied with the results, you can get a full refund. Plus, HearPod® offers an additional 1-year extendable warranty to repair or replace your HearPod® if anything goes wrong.

Do they work?

This is the big one! All the other features could sound perfect, but if the hearing aids don’t have satisfied customers, then they probably won’t help your hearing problems either.

Do a search for “hearing aid reviews.” Good brands will have hundreds of testimonials like these from satisfied customers who have experienced the results themselves. This is one of the best ways to know beforehand if the product will actually work as promised.

Don’t procrastinate! Hearing loss can cause disastrous life changes.

Studies have shown that a number of serious life changes can result from untreated hearing loss. This can include relationship issues, loss of income, stress, depression and other health issues, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.
Conversely, people who have improved their hearing with aids are happier, more active, more productive and more financially sound than those who don’t get help.


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Don’t stop now. Take the next step in your research and stop letting your hearing loss get in the way of living!

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