Now It’s Affordable for YOU to Purchase The Highest Level of Digital Hearing Aids With Quality And Service That Will Last For Years.

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HearPod® hearing aids offer affordable, high quality programmable digital hearing aids that are convenient for all patients with hearing loss. Digital hearing aids with Hearing aid batteries can cost up to thousands of dollars per set while HearPod® hearing aids cost up to 75% less. HearPod® hearing aids have different levels of programmability and are available in many different styles, from non-prescription to digitally programmed models designed to work with a patient specific audiogram.

HearPod® hearing aids provide many different styles of digital hearing aids, from small over the ear models to cosmetically less visible models designed to fit completely inside the ear canal. HearPod® hearing aids are designed to be comfortable, easy to use, easy to maintain, and comparable to leading hearing aid brands such as Phonak, Miracle Ear, Beltone, and Oticon. Each set of HearPod® hearing aids comes with a complete instruction manual, full customer support, including instructional videos. Along with 24/7 customer care, HearPod® offers a 45 day money back warranty. HearPod® also offers door-to-door service for repairs and service for any of the available hearing aid models.

HearPod® was founded on the belief that all patients suffering from hearing loss should have affordable access to the highest level of hearing aid technology. The founder, Randy Wohlers, is a licensed hearing professional with over thirty five years experience in the field of hearing health. Randy has researched the market and analyzed numerous brands such as Phonak Hearing Aids, Siemens Hearing Aids, and Starkey Hearing Aids HearPod® hearing aids are designed with the best available 4 and 32 channel digital chips in the industry. With proper care and maintenance, HearPod®s can last for many years. It is the mission of HearPod® to provide affordable digital hearing aid technology for as many patients experiencing hearing loss as possible.