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Hearing Aid Batteries: Tips for Extending Battery Life – and Saving Money


Hearing aid batteries are more advanced than ever. Today they are manufactured to keep your hearing aid powered longer and to have an extended shelf life when not in use.

Hearing Aid Batteries will last from 4 to 14 days depending on the amount of power a hearing aid needs and the size of the battery. Most hearing aids have an automatic warning noise alerting you when the hearing aid battery is low.

The right hearing aid battery will give lasting power to your hearing aid so you no longer have to miss out on listening to music or pretend you could hear all of what someone just said to you.


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While having a hearing aid can be a lifesaver, hearing aid batteries can become a source of frustration:

  • Finding hearing aid batteries that are not overpriced
  • Adding costs on top of what you’re spending for the hearing aid
  • Trying to decipher which hearing aid battery you need
  • Going dead at the most inconvenient times
  • Finding a place to safely store your hearing aid batteries

However, the benefits of hearing aid batteries far exceed the pains they may cause. They are essential for digital hearing aids to restore your hearing to a normal level, helping you re-engage with the world around you and eliminate your fears and sense of isolation.

You will always be connected by simply keeping your hearing aid well-maintained, which includes taking proper care of your hearing aid batteries.


How to Get the Most Life out of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Today’s new generation of hearing aid batteries are small silver discs that are designed to last longer. Hearing aid batteries are available in four different sizes, but to keep it simple for the consumer, each battery size has a corresponding color that is standard throughout all manufacturers. For instance, the 312 hearing aid battery has a brown label and hearing aid battery size 10 is coded as yellow.

These are some tips for ensuring your hearing aid batteries have the longest life possible.


Activating Your Battery

Each hearing aid battery has a plastic tab or sticker on the back; this tab allows the battery to remain inactive until it is removed. Once removed, the hearing aid battery becomes air-activated. Hearing aid batteries are called “zinc air batteries” because when the zinc mixes with air, the battery is active. It is not possible to achieve inactive status once the sticker has been removed.

TIP: Do not remove factory-sealed tab from the hearing aid battery until the moment you are ready to insert it into your hearing aid.

Inserting Your Battery

After your hearing aid battery is activated, open your hearing aid’s battery door and place the battery inside. It will fit snugly and the compartment door should close easily and completely. If the hearing aid battery door does not close, your battery is in upside down. Once corrected, the door will close all the way.

TIP: Whether it’s the size 312 hearing aid batteries or size 10 hearing aid batteries, you can make your battery last longer by opening the battery door on your hearing aid. Most hearing aids do not have an on/off switch; by simply opening the door, you are extending your battery’s life.

Did you know? HearPod® offers a year’s supply of batteries with its digital hearing aids.

Proper Care of Your Battery

  • Zinc air hearing aid batteries need to be stored at room temperature. Exposure to heat can reduce the shelf life of the hearing aid batteries. You’re also advised to avoid humid environments to prevent the adhesive on the plastic tabs from dissolving. Without the adhesive, the tab could come off and cause the battery to activate.
  • Change your hearing aid battery often—ideally on the same day every week so that it becomes habit—to ensure your hearing aid never loses power. It is recommended to carry an extra battery in case your hearing aid battery runs down while you are away from home.

TIP: When changing your battery, dispose of the old hearing aid battery immediately so that you don’t confuse it with the new battery.

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Top Digital Hearing Aids Offer Longer Battery Life!


You’ll get the longest life out of your hearing aid batteries when you choose a digital hearing aid that has these premium features.


• 100% Digital Technology for the greatest reproduction of sound

• 32-Channel Range that adjusts based on environment and automatically optimizes sound

• An ‘open fit’ design that eliminates poor, unnatural sound quality

• Adaptive Feedback Control to get rid of high-pitched whistling noises common in lower-quality devices

• Adaptive Noise Control settings to reduce distracting background noises


HearPod® hearing aids have all of these features so you can get back to your regular hearing level quicker and more reliably.

Hearing Loss is an invisible condition Hearing loss is an invisible condition; we cannot see hearing loss, only its effects. Because the presence of a hearing loss is not visible, these effects may be attributed to aloofness, confusion, or personality changes. Source: Hearing Loss Association of America

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With their own patented design and cutting-edge manufacturing plant, HearPod® is able to deliver the best hearing aid technology, and they make it available at the best price. They keep their costs down by selling direct to customers rather than through a long line of middle men, requiring mark ups that cut into your savings.


And to help make it even more affordable, the company offers a full year’s supply of hearing aid batteries.

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