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Will the Government help people who need Hearing Aids?

With your help it is possible.

Winning in Washington means we the people have to be heard. An avalanche of letters from you the people may have begun what is considered a milestone in the hearing health of our nation. You can join the movement today.

Go to: http://www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org/

It’s difficult to express in words what this would mean to millions of Americans who needlessly suffer from one of the most social disabling disorders of our time. Hearing is what keeps us in touch with everyone and everything we are around.

Most people don’t realize that people with a hearing loss very often misunderstand a conversation and it’s just human nature for them to interpret the conversation as negative. You can understand why a hearing loss has the power to completely change the life of anyone it touches. Not to mention the safety factor of drivers who can’t hear well.

Do you know anyone who has a hearing loss?

If so, you already know the devastating effects a hearing loss can have on relationships, at work, with friends and especially families.

One of the positive side effects of living during a time with such advanced communication technology we have today is everyone understands how important their hearing is for their own success.

Don’t let a hearing loss needlessly affect your life.

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