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Can Hearing Aids Help the Ringing in Your Ears?

Almost all patients who I’ve fit with hearing aids have some degree of tinnitus or ringing in their ears.  What’s the cause?  So far there are a lot of ideas; however, no one as yet has come up with a cure.

The question is:  Can a Hearing Aid help?  The answer is:  Most of the time.  A hearing aid will bring all the sounds you are missing up to a normal level of hearing.  In doing so almost 85% of my patients notice that their tinnitus is reduced greatly when they wear their hearing aids.  About 15% say they can’t hear the ringing at all and about 10% say it doesn’t seem to have any affect.

A hearing aid provides correction by amplifying sounds up into the patient’s normal hearing level.  In so doing, the amplification masks or covers up the ringing.  When the patient removes their instruments the ringing or tinnitus usually returns.

So many times I hear what the patient wrote below:

Tony Peatfield wrote, ”I had already tried other brands of hearing aids that promised so much and delivered so little, I was a very skeptical and despondent person, until I bought HearPod.    At the time I did not know if the HearPod would work.  After receiving them within a week, and trying them all my doubts and fears of wasting my money were gone.  Your HearPod product is everything you say, and some.  As I also have Tinnitus, but when I use my HearPod I cannot hear the ringing in my ears.  It’s not just another hearing aid product.  HearPod has set a bench mark of high quality, service, and technical backup.  To be able to use HearPod while talking to a group of people, who don’t even know I am wearing my HearPod is such a great feeling, in fact I forget I am wearing my HearPod at the best of times, they are so comfortable.  Without hesitation I would recommend HearPod to any one that has a hearing problem.”

If you have this condition and you have a hearing loss I would recommend you try a hearing aid.

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