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For people that have impairments of this type, assistance devices such as hearing aids have been around for a very long time. The mass production of impairment assistance devices began in 1800 and did not slow down from there. The modern versions are available in a few different forms that include digital processing types.

Many different companies offer versions of this device. One such site is my hear pod. This company has a line of digital devices which are making a solid impact. The models offered include the invisipod, micropod, minipod, ezpod, and hearpal.

The invisipod model is the only BTE design that is offered on the sight. With a lightweight and clear frame the device offers a snug fit and is hard to be seen as it blends in with the hair and skin color of the person wearing it. The only part that is not hidden is a translucent cable connecting the earpiece with the unit resting behind the ear.

The other designs offered are in the canal styles and each model offers its own unique qualities. The micropod for instance is designed for phone use due to its discreetness. This model fits snuggly into the ear canal and provides the user with excellent clarity when speaking on the telephone.

The minipod design offers the highest clarity results out of all the designs and is recommended for people who have experienced high frequency loss. This model is also designed to fit inside of the canal for complete discreetness. The ezpod is another design that is meant to sit inside to provide a hidden look. This model sports an automatic setting that allows the device to make adjustments without interaction from its owner.

Sporting a revolutionary design and technology the hearpal model actually magnifies sound increasing the overall quality for the user. Adding the comfortable feeling of having an ITC design makes it discreet as well. For comfort the design has separate sized pillow cushions that allow it to fit any ear size. The hearing aids come standard with 32-channel and 4 channel control settings that give the user complete control of their device.

Hearing aids assist in adding a better quality of life. Learn more about the wearing of discrete and effective devices when you visit the website at http://www.myhearpod.com .

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